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USU AIS Named Student Chapter of the Year

February  2019

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By Abigail Kosiak

The USU student chapter of the Association for Information Systems (AIS), an international professional association for individuals and organizations that research, teach, practice, and study information systems, was awarded AIS Student Chapter of the Year – the highest award given to any AIS chapter.

Dr. David Olsen, the Management Information Systems Department Head, believes the student club provides immense value to students by bringing outstanding practitioners and leaders to the AIS speaker series and by offering technical presentations on cutting-edge technologies that give students a competitive edge.

This substantial value is not missed by the leaders and students in the club. “AIS has really grown into a fantastic program over the last few years,” said Benton Smith, the Vice President of Events for AIS. “Members from all majors can listen to great speakers, learn technical skills, and participate in competitions. It’s really a great way for students to get involved, meet new friends, and learn some marketable skills.”

Reagan Siggard, the current USU AIS chapter president, hopes to work with club leadership to expand their special interest focus groups. The club currently has data security and business intelligence groups, but Siggard hopes to offer additional opportunities in the future to address a wider variety of interests.

With their focus groups, speaker series, technical presentations, networking events, company visits, workshops, and international competition involvement, it is easy to see why USU was named AIS Student Chapter of the Year. In the words of Morgan Wood, the AIS Speaker Series Coordinator, “Winning this award simply goes to show the dedication our students put into their education and how the AIS student and staff leadership team curate meaningful experiences.”

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