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Department Head Message

The MIS department in the Jon M. Huntsman School of Business offers excellence in both the undergraduate and graduate areas in MIS. The major focus in the Huntsman School MIS department is understanding business data for strategic purposes. Specifically we focus on business intelligence, analytics, and database management. Though our programs are well rounded in various MIS areas, we emphasize the data sciences area.

A primary goal of the MIS department is student placement at the top of the MIS "food chain." Our graduates are attracting average starting salaries that are substantially greater than many other business degrees. The Huntsman School MIS department is the best in the western region in terms of undergraduate salaries and placement rates and is therefore a fantastic option for motivated students that want to get the best jobs in the best organizations after they graduate.

The faculty members in the MIS department have produced excellent research in both quantity and quality, but the practical benefits of MIS research are the best part. As a result of their research, MIS faculty members often bring new knowledge into the classroom to allow students to benefit from exciting uses of new technologies and approaches.

Our curriculum offers a competitive advantage compared to other MIS programs. The technologies and the strategies we emphasize are well received by hiring organizations because of the relevance of the technologies and the depth of the students’ understanding. We teach cutting-edge technology in areas such as database, business intelligence, analytics, web development, and project management. With the explosive growth of business intelligence and analytics in MIS, our programs are well positioned to deliver many students to a marketplace demanding their skills.

Students are benefitting greatly from our approach of "nimble and clever." In the book The Art of War by Sun Tzu, a concept relating to being nimble and clever is introduced. The author recounts many military battles where smaller and overmatched forces defeat larger forces by outwitting them and by reacting to changing conditions quickly and smartly. This "nimble and clever" strategy has helped USU’s MIS department to continue to improve in comparison to other MIS programs. This approach necessitates motivated, curious, and intelligent faculty and staff. We have, and continue to recruit, faculty and staff members with these traits. Additionally, because we instill this nimble and clever philosophy in our students, they are better equipped to compete in the marketplace.

The Huntsman School MIS department is an exciting place for students and faculty alike, and we look forward to helping you in your pursuit of outstanding career success.