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T.V. Slides

The Eccles Business Building & Huntsman Hall has digital signage on various floors. You may design and submit TV slides to be added to these displays. Please follow the guidelines below to ensure that your slides will look their best on the TV screens.

Design Guidelines

  • Size: 1920 (wide) X 1080 (tall) pixels. If using Powerpoint, change to the 16:9 ratio (in Page Setup).
  • Resolution: 72 ppi minimum
  • File types accepted: .jpg (preferred), .png

TV Slides can be created using using the custom dimensions feature. The final JPEG file can then be emailed to

Photoshop and PowerPoint Templates

Using a template is optional. The choices below may be downloaded for your convenience:


Submitting a Slide

Attach the TV slide file via email and send to You may be contacted if changes are required before posting can take place.


  • Your slide will play for 12-15 seconds.
  • Please limit your text in order to have the greatest impact. Just as we drive past billboards quickly on a freeway, students often only have time to read a few words as they pass the screens in the hallways.
  • Slides may be displayed up to 30 days. Please mention in your email which dates you would like your slide(s) to be displayed.
  • Questions may be sent to


  • TV slides that are not designed according to these guidelines may be returned to the sender.
  • The Dean’s Office has the right to refuse to add any slides to the screens that they feel are not appropriate or relevant to our audience.
  • The marketing team is not responsible for creating your slides.

These guidelines were last updated August 2016.