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Branding Guide

Consistency is key when communicating our identity, purpose, and values to the people around us. Below you will find logo files, colors, fonts, and other resources to help align your marketing efforts with our brand strategy.
We invite all Huntsman School faculty and staff to become familiar with these simple guidelines. Download our more comprehensive Huntsman School branding guide. Download USU’s branding guide.


Huntsman School of Business LogoHuntsman School Wordmark

The Jon M. Huntsman School of Business official 70:30 wordmark should be used appropriately to maintain our brand’s integrity. The combined Huntsman School/USU logo includes the Utah State University wordmark to communicate the relationship between the two. This is currently the only approved logo for the Huntsman School, and any other versions are not permitted. Download the Huntsman School wordmark in blue, white, eps, jpg, or png formats.

Logo Rules

  • Color: The Huntsman School wordmark should only be printed in Huntsman Blue, White, or Black.
  • Size: The Huntsman School wordmark should be printed no smaller than .5 inches tall. Large uses of the logo require a vectorized file (such as an eps file) to maintain a high resolution.
  • Do not attempt to recreate the wordmark.
  • Do not skew or stretch the wordmark’s proportions in any way. Do not turn it on its side.
  • Place the wordmark where it is most legible.
  • The wordmark should have a cushion of “personal space” around it. This area is defined by using the height of the Huntsman “H” to measure an area of non-intereference around the logo. Do not allow any design elements or text to cross over this boundary. Never place text or graphics within this barrier/margin.
  • Send finished projects to for final approval before printing anything with the Huntsman School wordmark.

Other Logos

Huntsman School centers, graduate programs, and departments all have unique marks that require special considerations. Please contact Art Director Hilary Frisby at for guidance.


Our color palette is simple and straight-forward. For most projects we recommend using Huntsman Blue as the primary color, with Light Blue and Gray and secondary colors. The Light Blue and Gray can be used with varying levels of opacity when needed.

Huntsman Blue
Web #002e4d
C100 M36 Y6 K75

Huntsman Blue

Light Blue
Web #6cadd8
C54 M17 Y6 75K

Light Blue

Web #9d9fa2
C0 M0 Y0 K45



USU encourages us to use one of the following five fonts for day-to-day business publications: Univers, Helvetica, Arial, Garamond, or Times. The official font for Utah State University is Univers typeface. A campus license has been purchased for our use. Please email to request a copy of the font.


Photos, illustrations, and other graphic imagery should feel relevant, positive, and communicate clearly. Photography and videography resources.