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Winning Shark Tank Pitches

Original Content Publication Date: 08/24/2016


Any entrepreneur will tell you that every successful company starts with a successful pitch. There are many things that make or break a good business pitch. In this video, you hear the pitches of three winning Shark Tank contestants and their products. Using many of the same techniques and personal ones to individualize their pitches, these contestants each show confidence in their products and ultimately win over the Sharks and receive investments.

Key Points

  • Aaron Krause pitches his product, the “Scrub Daddy”, a high-tech kitchen scrubbing tool, with confidence in his product and a good presentation of how well his product works on different surfaces and temperatures.
  • Tiffany Krumins pitches her product, “AVA the elephant”, an elephant-shaped medicine dispenser, with confidence in her product and telling the personal story behind how she came up with her product and why.
  • Rob Dyer pitches his product, “Ruckpack”, a peak performance nutrition shot, talking about his personal life and telling the story behind his product and by facing his competition head-on. 

Discussion Questions

1.    What did each of the contestants do well and why are those elements important?
2.    What could each of the contestants done differently to have perfected their pitches even more?
3.    Which would you consider having been the most successful pitch based on technique and why?


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