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Understanding Your IDEA Student Evaluations and Helpful Tips For Improving Your Teaching


IDEA is a nonprofit organization dedicated to improving student learning in higher education through analytics, resources, and advice. The resources provided here will help you to understand the student evaluations you receive from IDEA as well as provide some useful tips for improving your teaching and your student evaluations.

The first two links serve to help you use your course evaluations to answer the following questions: 

  1. Overall, how effectively was this class taught?
  2. How does this compare with the ratings of other teachers?
  3. Were you more successful in facilitating progress on some class objectives than on others?
  4. How can instruction be made more effective?
  5. Do some salient characteristics of this class and its students have implications for instruction?

The last two links contain short papers or interactive web pages by the IDEA organization about teaching methods and specific ways to facilitate learning. Each paper or web page takes less than 10 minutes to read and offer helpful suggestions about theories or principles that the IDEA surveys are built around. 

Understanding Your IDEA Student Course Evaluation Report
Interpretative Guide: IDEA Diagnostic Form Report
IDEA Notes on Instruction


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