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The Way We Think About Work Is Broken

Original Content Publication Date: 03/01/2014


Barry Schwartz suggests that the reason we work is not for money or because we have to but for the technology of ideas. We create human nature through this technology, and even if they're false ideas that we believe then we still live our lives that way. This is how he views work. The industrial revolution taught us to do work, no matter how mundane, for money and incentives. It boils down to changing the institution or culture in which people work.

Key Points

  • We work for the exchange of idea technology, not for money or necessity
  • By changing the culture or institution, we can change the mindset of our workers
  • We as human beings create human nature through the ideas that we believe to be true so changing the false beliefs brings change in nature 

Discussion Questions

  1. How can a manager of a manufacturing plant change the ideas of their plant's employees?
  2. How can this help you as a current student in your studies?
    • An entry-level job?


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