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The Happy Secret To Better Work



Shawn Achor takes a humorous approach to positive psychology and its role in the workplace. He suggests that when we find positive 'measurement errors' or outliers in data, we shouldn't delete them but work to bring the average up to them. Research shows that our happiness levels actually affect our external world, not the other way around. Shawn addresses ways that we can change how our brain sees success, encouraging us to be happy first which leads to success.

Key Points

  • Working hard doesn't make us happier, being happy makes us work harder
  • By reaching goals and immediately changing them, we train our brain to find little to no happiness in success
  • We focus too much on the average instead of learning from the outliers when we could bring the average up to the outlier

Discussion Questions

  1. What are some ways that employers are attempting to make their employees happy in order to foster success?
  2. Would you say that this approach to happiness and success is applicable in all industries across all levels of employment?

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