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This address from the 2017 Empowering Teaching Excellence Conference focuses on innovative strategies to motivate and engage students. Denise Stewardson offers 7 "Unifying Principles" that will improve your teaching.

Unifying Principles to effectively conduct your classes and engage learners:

  1. Create a Natural Critical Learning Environment.
    • Use various strategies such as lecture, role play, case studies, etc.
  2. Get Their Attention and Keep It
    • Start classes with an engaging activity, news story, bit of information, or other application of course material to grab attention
  3. Start with the Students Rather Than the Discipline
    • Learn student's names, get to know them, address their interests and questions,
  4. Seek Commitments
    • Get students to commit to coming to class everday and to being prepared
  5. Help Students Learn Outside of Class
    • Assign homework, readings, documentaries, etc. that will encourage learning outside of the classroom.
  6. Engage Students in Disciplinary Thinking
    • Get students thinking about the big picture of your discipline. Help them to see the value in their every day life.
  7. Create Diverse Learning Experiences
    • Use different methods of teaching and active learning in class to help students learn in different ways.


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