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Is Your CEO On Social Media? If Not, Your Business May Be At Risk

Original Content Publication Date: 09/17/2018


Now, more than ever before, people want transparency in companies. CEOs are in the unique position to speak to their consumers about business decisions, behind-the-scenes perspectives and insight on industry trends through social media and answer the consumer demand for transparency. Younger buyers especially, are using digital transparency as a measuring stick to identify the companies they do and do not want to purchase from.  Executives who are willing to speak outside of the boardroom give a company a competitive advantage amongst their consumers.

Key Points

  • 60% of Fortune 500 CEOs use social media
  • Less than only 12% of CEOs use more than one social media outlet
  • 86% of consumers say there is a stronger demand for business transparency than ever before

Discussion Questions

  1. What impact does the use of social media have on a company?
  2. What should CEOs be saying about a company on social media?
  3. Thinking as a customer, what kind of material would you want to see posted by a CEO on a social media outlet?


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