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Is Your CEO On Social Media? If Not, Your Business May Be At Risk



Now, more than ever before, people want transparency in companies. CEOs are in the unique position to speak to their consumers about business decisions, behind-the-scenes perspectives and insight on industry trends through social media and answer the consumer demand for transparency. Younger buyers especially, are using digital transparency as a measuring stick to identify the companies they do and do not want to purchase from.  Executives who are willing to speak outside of the boardroom give a company a competitive advantage amongst their consumers.

Key Points

  • 60% of Fortune 500 CEOs use social media
  • Less than only 12% of CEOs use more than one social media outlet
  • 86% of consumers say there is a stronger demand for business transparency than ever before

Discussion Questions

  1. What impact does the use of social media have on a company?
  2. What should CEOs be saying about a company on social media?
  3. Thinking as a customer, what kind of material would you want to see posted by a CEO on a social media outlet?

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