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Doing Business in France

Original Content Publication Date: 06/05/2014


This video starts with a segment from CNN Business that discusses how to do business in France, including interviews with experienced business people that have worked in France. The video concludes by showing a variety of general informational items, such as work/life balance, perceptions of corruption, and level of punctuality about France.

Key Points

  • The French have a strong national culture and appreciate an effort to speak French
  • Detailed justification is important when presenting potential solutions
  • It is important to develop relationships before jumping into business
  • Be willing to hear frank feedback


Before watching the video, have the students imagine that they are working on a business deal with a new potential client in France. They will soon travel to Paris to present the company's recommendations to the client. Write a short plan of how to prepare for the client and presentation.

After they have completed their plan, watch the video, and discuss the following:

  1. How does the information about culture change your approach?
  2. What specific things would you do differently in your presentation?
  3. What issues might you anticipate happening and how would you prepare for them?
  4. What other cultural factors would you like to know before you travel to Paris?


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