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Amazon Will Fail



Jeff Bezos predicted to Amazon employees that "one day Amazon will fail." As a large company, government regulation and potential antitrust violations are "big concerns."  Bezos said that the goal was to delay failure for as long as possible and that requires a continuous focus on customers.

Key Points

  • No such thing as "too big to fail"
  • The lifespan of large companies are often 30 - 50 years rather than 100+ years
  • The way to delay the inevitable for as long as possible is to maintain a focus on the customers
  • It is to be expected that such a large company will be scrutinized by government regulators

Discussion Questions

  1. What factors often lead to the demise of large companies?  Provide examples to support your argument.
  2. Why do you think Bezos predicted to his employees that Amazon would fail one day?
  3. If the key is to focus on the customer, how do you keep that focus as the company grows?
  4. What advantages do small businesses have over large businesses?

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