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Amazon and Nike are charting a course for the store of the future

Original Content Publication Date: 10/07/2018


Retail is changing faster than ever and its going beyond just online shopping. Amazon and Nike have recently debuted store concepts that maximize speed and convenience by combining digital offerings with a physical retail location. The advent of tech-focused physical stores proves that brick-and-mortar retail isn't going anywhere soon. 

Key Points

  • In what Deloitte is calling a "retail renaissance", the companies that are having the most success are those that are combining physical and digital shopping into one experience that aligns with consumer needs.
  • Consumers can use Nike Live's stores to access multiple convenience-oriented advanced features like road-side pick-up and scanners to find out information about each product and whether the store has it in stock
  • Amazon opened its first cashier-less store in late January 2018 that uses cameras and sensors to track what you put into your basket and then charges it to your Amazon account

Discussion Questions

  1. How do you think major stores such as Walmart will change in the future under this new retail renaissance?
  2. Do you think Amazons or Nike’s store model will be more successful?
  3. What are some changes that you would suggest in traditional retail stores to attract more consumers moving into the future?