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Alan Greenspan Says He is Seeing 'The First Signs' of Inflation

Original Content Publication Date: 11/14/2018


Alan Greenspan, American Economist and former chairman at the Federal Reserve, says that our economy is seeing 'the first signs' inflation. Seeing inflation first in the tightening of the labor markets, Greenspan states "This is the tightest market I've ever seen." In this article he elaborates on the reasons why.

Key Points

  • Average wages are rising, but productivity in the US is not
  • Employment cost grew more quickly than economists estimated
  • Rising debt is a huge threat to the economy¬†

Discussion Questions

1. How does rising wages and a lack of increased productivity project inflation?
2. What threat does rising debt pose to our economy?
3. What are some changes that could be implemented by the Government or Federal Reserve that could decrease the risk of inflation in the economy?


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