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Curricular Offerings & Development

Leadership and Management Minor

Open for all majors at USU, the Leadership Minor provides foundational skills and attributes in principled-centered leadership.

Huntsman Scholar Students Conducting an Opportunity Fair at Whitehorse High SchoolMSLE 3800 – Leadership

Required Undergraduate Class

Students apply and internalize what they are learning by executing a leadership challenge project. Students identify a need in the community or the world, recruit followers and design and carry out a leadership project to help alleviate the need. Each semester students give over 4,000 hours in service to their numerous projects.

Huntsman Scholars Leadership Lab

Students learn valuable leadership and teamwork skills while using design thinking to create value. Previous projects include delivering an “Opportunity Fair” for Whitehorse High School on the Navajo Nation, a Day on the quad “Fun Fest” to raise funds for Operation Underground Railroad, and consulting expertise to improve donor strategies, program offerings and online marketing for the Cache Valley Refugee and Immigrant Connection. For more, see Huntsman Scholar Program Website

Academic Research

Faculty conduct cutting edge and complementary research that can be developed into new curriculum or integrated into existing curriculum.

Stephen R. Covey talking with a studentInnovation in Leadership Development

Bring together academics, leaders, and practitioners to discover and share innovative ways to teach and develop principle-centered leaders.

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Stephen R. Covey Leadership Certificate

The Center plans to develop and offer a leadership certificate for USU students and members of the community.