JakeJake Rhodes - President

Jake is a senior studying Marketing. Jake has had many opportunities to travel including the SEED program in Peru and the Eastern Europe Go Global Trip. He is very good at languages and is fluent in Croatian and Spanish, but can also speak Russian and other Slavic languages. During Jake’s first year at USU he participated in the global village program, and has loved learning about other cultures ever since. Outside of school, he enjoys spending time with friends and family, enjoy camping at the sand dunes, riding motorcycles, learning languages, and making new friends.

ElizaEliza Thacker - GO GLOBAL LIAISON

Eliza is a sophomore studying Business Administration and Marketing. She has traveled to both France and Asia for Go Global programs, and she is learning mandarin Chinese. In her free time Eliza loves to volunteer with the service center on campus and she loves to play tennis and soccer. She is also involved with many other clubs in the business school including WIBA and SAEL.

TateTate Tullis - Events Coordinator

Tate is a senior studying International Business with a minor in Chinese. Although this is his first year with SIBED, Tate has been planning and executing events for seven years and he is excited to hit the ground running.

Sarah Keating - Secretary

Sarah is majoring in Business Administration and International Business with a double minor in human resources and management. This will be her second year at USU and her first year on the SIBED executive council. This past summer she did the Asia Go Global trip, and has been involved in many other programs in the Huntsman School of business including SAEL, WIBA, and Buehler Scholars. Some of her hobbies are theatre, debate, hiking, backpacking, camping, gardening, reading, and cooking.

Shelley Jones - Historian

Shelley is a sophomore from Brigham City, Utah. This is her second year involved with SIBED. Shelley has traveled to more than 25 countries (and counting) all around the globe, her favorites being Australia and Cambodia, and she participated in the 2014 Go Global Eastern Europe trip. She is a member of Huntsman Scholars, as well as SAEL and WIBA.

SavannahSavannah Olson - Webmaster

Savannah is a Management Information Systems major with an International Business minor. She is a member of the Women in Business Association, SAEL, and AIS. She is from Cache Valley and this is her third year at USU and in SIBED. Savannah had a blast seeing Hungary, Vienna, and Istanbul on the 2014 Go Global Eastern Europe trip.