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Investment Banking Club

The Investment Banking Club (IBC) was established to help students better understand, network and prepare for a career in Investment Banking and Private Equity.

As a member of the club you will have opportunities to hear from banking and PE Alumni and friends of the Huntsman School, attend information sessions with banks from around the United States, and prepare for and interview with those respective firms for full-time employment.

You should also expect to cover a broad spectrum of topics within the banking/PE world from general banking information such as banking structure, culture, work/life balance, day-to-day work of a banker, fundamental valuation analysis and due diligence, compensation and other opportunities.

In addition to those topics, there will be a great deal of time spent to assist students prepare to network and interview for a future internship or full-time position. Each week we will cover technical questions that are commonly asked in an interview with an investment bank, to thoroughly understand the questions and the theory behind them. We will also cover behavioral and fit questions along the way, as well as hold mock interviews for practice.

If you are at all interested in investment banking, private equity or the investment world in general, this club will help you better prepare to earn a position in these fields.