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Invest in Huntsman Hall

Huntsman Hall will be an integral part of fostering transformational learning by integrating knowledge, building confidence, and increasing the capacity of our students to take on significant leadership roles in their communities, their careers, and their homes.

Naming Opportunity Locations

Café (3,600 sq ft)
The ground floor Café has immediate access to the South Entrance, and can seat approximately 50.

Huntsman Hall Cafe

Campus Entrance and Atrium (1,800 SQ FT)
A welcoming, double-height entrance from the main campus thoroughfare, the campus entrance and atrium integrates entry into both Huntsman Hall and the Eccles Building.

Campus Entrance & Atrium

Campus Terrace (1,500 sq ft)
Boasting beautiful views of old main, this outdoor space atop Huntsman Hall’s north end will be an especially popular entertainment space.

Campus Terrace

Classroom-Flat (1,050 sq ft)
Three fully-reconfigurable, technology-enabled classrooms with seating for 50 students.

Classroom-Large Tiered (1,920 sq ft)
Five technology-enabled classrooms with seating for 80 students in three semi-circle tiers.

Classroom-Small Tiered (1,500 sq ft)
Eleven technology-enabled classrooms with seating for 50 students in three semi-circle tiers.

Courtyard (9,100 sq ft)
An incredible indoor/outdoor courtyard integrates huntsman hall and the George s. Eccles Business Building. The courtyard combines hardscape and greenscape, and can seat over 100 people.

Courtyard Terrace (680 sq ft)
Overlooking the courtyard and possessing easy access to the event space and the executive boardroom, the intimate courtyard terrace will be perfect for small groups.

Event Space (2,500 sq ft)
With 25 ft high ceilings on the top floor of Huntsman Hall, this signature space has truly spectacular views of Cache Valley. And with seating for over 200 in a classroom setting, or more for events and receptions, we envision this space becoming the premier event space at USU and in the valley.

Executive Boardroom (1,150 sq ft)
25 ft high ceilings and amazing views to the south and west will make the executive boardroom a high-demand space across campus.

Executive Education Classroom (2,100 sq ft)
Situated just below the campus terrace, and with easy access to the campus entrance, the fully technology-enabled executive education classroom seats 80 students in tiered, semi-circles.

Financial Markets Lab (2,050 sq ft)
A state-of-the-art classroom space with 10 Bloomberg terminals and seating for up to 60 students.

Study Room (140-180 sq ft)
Twenty-one data-enabled breakout rooms with seating for 6-8 students to meet for group projects.