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Financial Planning Association

The Utah State University (USU) Financial Planning Association (FPA) provides opportunities in financial planning and advising for career development, mentorship, and networking for students. Officers in the club plan professional meetings and service activities. The professional meetings present wonderful opportunities to learn the dynamic details of financial planning while networking with prestigious financial planners with industry experience. Service activities provide students hands-on financial experience in the community.

There are no dues to be a member of the USU FPA. To join, simply send an email to and include your student A-number. You will then be added to the FPA Canvas page where you will find meeting announcements, career boards, and the LinkedIn page. The director of the program is Dr. Todd Griffith who is available to answer questions through email at

If a student wants to join the national FPA chapter as an “Aspiring Financial Planner,” the club is willing to pay half of the annual membership fee, which is $50. Therefore, it would cost a student $25 to become a member of the national FPA, which currently serves more than 25,000 members – financial planners, associated professionals, academics, students, large firms and independent practitioners. Benefits include, but are not limit to, subscription to the FPA journal, next gen magazine, Forbes magazine, $200 off CFP exam, and discounted fees to various professional conferences. To take advantage of this opportunity, send an email to the director of the program, Dr. Todd Griffith.