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Welcome to the Huntsman School of Business Faculty and Staff Portal. Most of this information is for use by our faculty and staff, but the directory below contains the contact information for all of the Huntsman School employees.

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Name Title Phone Location Email
Albrecht, Chad Associate Professor of Strategy & Associate Academic Director of the MBA Program 435.797.2365 Business 416 chad.albrecht@usu.edu
Alder, Suzette Business Assistant II 435.797.1789 Business 415 suzette.alder@usu.edu
Allen, Daniel Senior Lecturer 435.613.5245 Price Campus daniel.allen@usu.edu
Allred, Liz Program Director of Global Learning Experiences 435.797.7621 Business 309 liz.allred@usu.edu
Allred, Scott Lecturer 435.919.1281 Brigham City Campus scott.allred@usu.edu
Andersen, Kaye Staff Assistant, Undergraduate Advising 435.797.2274 Business 309 kaye.andersen@usu.edu
Anderson, Douglas D. Dean & Professor of Management 435.797.2376 Business 511 douglas.anderson@usu.edu
Andrus, Jamie Manager of Client & Affiliate Relations 435.797.2191 Lundstrom jamie.andrus@usu.edu
Baird, Barbara Undergraduate Advisor 435.797.2272 Business 309 barbara.baird@usu.edu
Ballard, Guy Information and Analytics Officer 435.797.0498 Business 515 guy.ballard@usu.edu
Barker, Shaun Associate Director 435.797.3815 Lundstrom shaun.barker@usu.edu
Bartkus, Ken Professor 435.797.3891 Business 302A ken.bartkus@usu.edu
Barton, Jennifer Business Officer 435.797.2787 Business 505 jennifer.barton@usu.edu
Beaulieu, Tanya Y. Assistant Professor 435.797.3479 BUS 718 tanya.beaulieu@usu.edu
Blau, Ben Associate Professor 435.797.2340 Business 603 ben.blau@usu.edu
Bone, Sterling Associate Professor 435.797.9631 Business 302B sterling.bone@usu.edu
Bowles, Tyler Professor 435.797.2378 Business 611 tyler.bowles@usu.edu
Bria, Dominic Marketing Manager 435.797.0771 Lundstrom 137 dominic.bria@usu.edu
Brocato, Deanne Assistant Professor 435.797.7388 Business 306 deanne.brocato@usu.edu
Brough, Aaron R. Assistant Professor 435.797.1658 Business 302 aaron.brough@usu.edu
Brough, Tyler Assistant Professor 435.797.2369 Business 605 tyler.brough@usu.edu
Brown, Anna Assistant Professor 435.797.2993 Business 808 anna.brown@usu.edu
Brown, Lindi MMIS Program Director & Advisor 435.797.2295 Business 719 lindi.brown@usu.edu
Burgess, Cheryl C. Lecturer 435.797.1915 BUS 305 cheryl.burgess@usu.edu
Caliendo, Frank Professor and Head 435.797.2963 Business 619 frank.caliendo@usu.edu
Callister, Ronda R. Professor 435.797.1905 Business 408 ronda.callister@usu.edu
Chudoba, Kathy Management Information Systems Graduate Director and Associate Professor 435.797.2344 Business 703 kathy.chudoba@usu.edu
Conrad, Polly Lecturer 435.797.2898 Business 303 polly.conrad@usu.edu
Cook, Alison Associate Professor 435.797.7654 Business 404 alison.cook@usu.edu
Cook, Debbie Lecturer 435.797.9475 Business 303A debbie.cook@usu.edu
Crane, Bret Assistant Professor 435.797.6647 BUS 402 bret.crane@usu.edu
Daniels, Jenna Business Assistant II - Personnel Specialist 435.797.5736 Business 506 jenna.daniels@usu.edu
Davis, James Department Head, Faculty Chair and Director of the MBA Program, and Professor 435.797.3882 Business 411 j.davis@usu.edu
Davis, Tom Assistant Director, Information Technology 435.797.3813 Lundstrom tom.davis@usu.edu
Davis, Tonya Employer Engagement Specialist   BUS 315 tonya.davis.usu.edu
DeLisle, R. Jared Assistant Professor 435.797.0885 Business 612 jared.delisle@usu.edu
Doyle, Jeffrey George S. Eccles Chair in Capital Markets Research, Professor 435.797.2882 Business 814 jeffrey.doyle@usu.edu
Dupin-Bryant, Pamela Professor 435.797.3606 UMC 5035 pam.dupin-bryant@usu.edu
Edgeman, Rick Shingo Institute Research Director & Clinical Professor of Management 435.535.9963 Lundstrom 126 rick.edgeman@usu.edu
Elwood, Jim Manager, Information Technology 435.797.2270 Business 103A jim.elwood@usu.edu
Fadel, Kelly Associate Professor 435.797.2348 Business 705 kelly.fadel@usu.edu
Fawson, Christopher Executive Director of Partners in Business & Dr. Vernon Maughan Buehler and MaRee C. Buehler Endowed Professor 435.797.2320 Business 514 chris.fawson@usu.edu
Feigenbaum, James Associate Professor 435.797.2316 Business 620 J.Feigen@aggiemail.usu.edu
Ferguson, John Lead Faculty Fellow, Senior Lecturer 435.797.0997 Business 702 john.ferguson@usu.edu
Ferguson, Merideth Associate Professor 435.797.3982 Business 410 merideth.ferguson@usu.edu
Findley, T. Scott Associate Professor 435.797.2371 Business 616 tscott.findley@usu.edu
Fjeldsted, Paul Senior Lecturer 435.797.2172 Business 602 paul.fjeldsted@usu.edu
Foss, Peter Professor, MBA 801.201.6939 BUS 108 foss@strategiclp.com
Foster, Gayla Coordinator of Programs 435.797.9130 Business 309 gayla.foster@usu.edu
Frisby, Hilary Art Director 435.797.8319 Business 315 hilary.frisby@usu.edu
Gardner, Tim Associate Professor 435.797.3037 Business 405 timothy.gardner@usu.edu
Gibbons, Shara Webmaster 435.797.2308 Business 315 shara.gibbons@usu.edu
Gibson , Cynthia Lecturer 435.259.7432 Moab Campus cynthia.gibson@usu.edu
Gilbert, John Professor 435.797.2314 Business 604 jgilbert@usu.edu
Glauser, Michael Clinical Professor, Executive Director of the Jeffrey D. Clark Center for Entrepreneurship 435.797.8215 Business 309M mike.glauser@usu.edu
Gorry, Aspen Assistant Professor 435.797.2397 Business 610 aspen.gorry@usu.edu
Gorry, Devon Assistant Professor 435.797.9098 Business 606 devon.gorry@usu.edu
Grange, Vance Associate Professor
FPA advisor
435.797.2702 Business 805 vance.grange@usu.edu
Hammond, Scott Clinical Professor 435.711.1702 Uintah Basin Campus scott.hammond@usu.edu
Hanks, Steven Associate Professor and Director, HR Graduate Studies 435.797.2373 Business 518 steven.hanks@usu.edu
Harris, Lenaye Adjunct Professor   BUS 702 lenaye.harris@usu.edu
Harrison, Ruth Director, Undergraduate Programs 435.797.2272 Business 309 ruth.harrison@usu.edu
Hartwell, Christopher Assistant Professor 425.797.5782 Business 403 chris.hartwell@usu.edu
Herrmann, David Senior Lecturer 435.797.2287 Business 402 david.herrmann@usu.edu
Holland, Daniel Associate Professor, Huntsman Scholar Lead Faculty Fellow 435.797.3132 Business 418 daniel.holland@usu.edu
Hornsby, Rick Lecturer, and Graduate Program Director 435.797.5786 Business 607 rick.hornsby@usu.edu
Hunsaker, Trisha Marketing Coordinator 435.797.2347 BUS 317 trisha.hunsaker@usu.edu
Hunt, Rhett Lecturer 435.722.1767 UMC 5035 rhett.hunt@usu.edu
Israelsen, Dwight Director – China Cooperative Academic Programs and Professor 435.797.2298 Business 608 dwight.israelsen@usu.edu
James, Tom Lab Supervisor 435.797.2276 Business 103 tom.james@usu.edu
Jenson, Richard Professor 435.797.2335 Business 804 richard.jenson@usu.edu
Johnson, Jeffrey Associate Professor 435.797.2350 Business 706 jeffrey.johnson@usu.edu
Johnson, John Professor 435.797.2341 Business 708 john.johnson@usu.edu
Jones, Eden Associate Director Partners In Business 435-797-8270 BUS 113 eden.jones@usu.edu
Jones, Jenny Undergraduate Advisor 435.797.2272 Business 309 jenny.jones@usu.edu
Kannan, Vijay Associate Dean for Academic Affairs and Executive Director of International Programs 435.797.7212 Business 412 vijay.kannan@usu.edu
Kim, Inchan Visiting Assistant Professor 435-797-4723 BUS 707 ikim@usu.edu
Kim, Yong Seog Professor 435.797.2271 Business 710 yong.kim@usu.edu
Larsen, Cindy O. Staff Assistant 435.797.4062 BUS 415 cindy.larsen@usu.edu
Larson, Kimberly Executive Assistant to the Dean 435.797.8328 Business 515 kimberly.larson@usu.edu
Lawlor, Kenzie Recruiting Officer 435.770.1477 Business 315
Lee, Konrad Associate Professor 435.797.5090 Business 406 konrad.lee@usu.edu
Leftwich, Steve MBA Career Development Manager 435.797.8916 Business 310 steve.leftwich@usu.edu
Li, Jin Undergraduate Advisor – China Cooperative Academic Programs 435.797.3019 Business 110 jin.li@usu.edu
Li, Kunpeng Assistant Professor 435.797.7386 Business 419 kunpeng.li@usu.edu
Lindsey, Joanie Program Coordinator 435.797.9753 BUS 101 joanie.lindsey@usu.edu
Loveland, Dannon MBA Staff 435.797.3624 Business 315 dannon.loveland@usu.edu
Mann, Erin Alumni Engagement Coordinator 435-797-2707 BUS 315 erin.mann@usu.edu
Maples, Megan Executive Assistance 435.797.2279 Lundstrom megan.maples@usu.edu
McConkie, Katherine Associate MBA Director & Advisor 435.797.1773 Business 108 katherine.mcconkie@usu.edu
Meacham, Brent Marketing Coordinator 435.797.2778 Business 315 brent.meacham@usu.edu
Mills, Robert Associate Professor and Interim Director of MIS Graduate Program 435.797.7480 Business 705 bob.mills@usu.edu
Mosman, Carol Staff Assistant 435.797.2334 Business 815 carol.mosman@usu.edu
Nixon, J. Scott Adjunct Professor 801.560.9434   sn323@hotmail.com
Olsen, David Department Head and Professor 435.797.2349 Business 711 david.olsen@usu.edu
Olsen, Kari Assistant Professor 435.797.2331 Business 810 kari.olsen@usu.edu
Olson, Adam Assistant Professor 435.797.5779 Business 802 adam.olson@usu.edu
Paper, David Professor 435.797.2456 Business 714 david.paper@usu.edu
Patel, Dave Associate Dean of Student & External Affairs 435.797.7878 Business 315 dave.patel@usu.edu
Petersen, Annette Undergraduate Advisor 435.797.2272 Business 309 annette.petersen@usu.edu
Peterson, Shannon Clinical Associate Professor of Economics & Director of Huntsman Scholars Program 435.797.3966 Business 309 shannon.peterson@usu.edu
Phelps, Isela Undergraduate Advisors 435.797.2274 Business 309 isela.phelps@usu.edu
Pond, Julie Program Administrator 435.797.9063 Business 101 julie.pond@usu.edu
Price, Mary Events Manager 435.797.3785 Lundstrom mary.price@usu.edu
Price, Richard Assistant Professor 435.797.8352 Business 812 richard.price@usu.edu
Rasmussen, Teri Assistant to the Department Head 435.797.2330 Business 815 teri.rasmussen@usu.edu
Ray, Kristal R. Assistant Professor 435.283.7650 Ephraim Campus - HiTec 142 kristal.ray@usu.edu
Rice, Kevin Executive Director of Corporate Partnerships & Community Relations 435.797.2645 Business 315 kevin.rice@usu.edu
Robins, Dawsey Program Coordinator and Advisor 435.797.2360 Business 108 dawsey.robins@usu.edu
Romrell, Doug Lecturer     dougromrell@gmail.com
Roper, Strat Lecturer 435-919-1306 Brigham City Campus strat.roper@usu.edu
Routledge, Teri Assistant to the Department Head and Travel Specialist 435.797.2310 Business 615 teri.routledge@usu.edu
Schulz, Eric Senior Lecturer 435.797.8216 Business 308 eric.schulz@usu.edu
Shughart II, William F. J. Fish Smith Professor in Public Choice 435.797.1571 Business 510 william.shughart@usu.edu
Shuman, Frank Principal Lecturer
IMA advisor
435.797.2339 Business 807 frank.shuman@usu.edu
Simmons, Randy T Professor 435.797.1310 Business 516 randy.simmons@usu.edu
Simon, Chad Assistant Professor 435.797.9055 Business 806 chad.simon@usu.edu
Skousen, Chris Associate Department Head and Associate Professor 435.797.2429 Business 815 chris.skousen@usu.edu
Smith, Jason Assistant Director - China Cooperative Academic Programs and Assistant Professor 435.797.2363 Business 614 jason.smith@usu.edu
Smith, Tyler Assistant Dean for Administration 435.797.2846 Business 503 tyler.smith@usu.edu
Snyder, Ken Executive Dean, Jon M. Huntsman School of Business 435.797.1387 Business 507 ken.snyder@usu.edu
Sorenson, Donette Coordinator of Programs 435.797.2989 Business 110 donette.sorenson@usu.edu
Sparrow, Brayden Entrepreneur-in-Residence 435.797.1107 BUS 309M brayden.sparrow@usu.edu
Stafford, Edwin Associate Department Head and Professor 435.797.3890 Business 304 ed.stafford@usu.edu
Stephens, Alan Associate Professor 435.797.2367 Business 508 alan.stephens@usu.edu
Stephens, Nate Associate Professor 435.797.8016 Business 803 nate.stephens@usu.edu
Thunell, Andy Administrator of the Jeffrey D. Clark Center for Entrepreneurship 435-797-1107 Business 311 andy.thunell@usu.edu
Torgesen, Michael Business Assistant II - Finance Specialist 435.797.5689 Business 506 michael.torgesen@usu.edu
Ugray, Zsolt Associate Professor 435.797.8132 Business 716 zsolt.ugray@usu.edu
Villarreal, Bonnie Lecturer, MAcc Director & Advisor, Beta Alpha Psi Advisor 435.797.3958 Business 816 bonnie.villarreal@usu.edu
Walther, Larry Department Head, and EY Professor 435.797.8697 Business 818 larry.walther@usu.edu
Warnick, Alan Principal Lecturer 435.797.2301 Business 407 alan.warnick@usu.edu
Washburn, Nathan Associate Professor 435.797.2273 Business 420 nathan.t.washburn@gmail.com
Watterson-Balls, Taci Sr. Staff Assistant and President - Classified Employees Association 435.797.2342 Business 715 taci.watterson@usu.edu
Wheelwright, Robin Staff Assistant 435-797-0887 Business 315 robin.wheelwright@usu.edu
Whitby, Ryan Assistant Professor 435.797.9495 Business 618 ryan.whitby@usu.edu
White, Stephanie R. Staff Assistant for Huntsman Scholars Program 435.797.2362 Business 309 stephanie.white@usu.edu
Wills, Dani Office Assistant 435.797.3624 BUS 108 dani.wills@usu.edu
Winkel , Mark S. Undergraduate Advisor – China Cooperative Academic Programs 435.797.2272 Business 110 mark.winkel@usu.edu
Winn, Brad Professional of Practice Associate Professor, Organizational Leadership and Strategy Director, MHR Executive Program & Associate Director, Professional MBA 435.851.2002 Granite School District (SLGRSD) 504 brad.winn@usu.edu
Woolstenhulme, David Vice Provost/Senior Lecturer 435.797.7910 406 DE david.woolstenhulme@usu.edu
Woolstenhulme, Karen Senior Lecturer 435.722.2294 UMC 5035 Karen.woolstenhulme@usu.edu
Yonk, Ryan M Research Assistant Professor 435.797.1310 Business 512 ryan.yonk@usu.edu