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Recruit on Campus

Meeting with students face to face can add an element to your recruiting that simply posting a position can’t. We invite you to work with our Employer Engagement Specialist to plan a campus recruitment day, and come experience the energy and excitement of campus.

Below are a few of the opportunities available for employers during campus visits:

  • Set up a recruiting table in the Eccles Business Building or Huntsman Hall to promote job opportunities within your organization.
  • Speak to students during a business class about opportunities within your industry and company.
  • Host an information session or meet with one of the Huntsman School clubs.
  • Schedule and conduct interviews in the FJ Management Center for Student Success interviewing rooms.

Other opportunities for employers to interact with students, such as case study competitions or class projects that entail the business, may be arranged depending on the needs of your organization and the availability of professors and students. 

Schedule a Recruitment Day

Tonya Davis

Tonya Davis, Employer Engagement Specialist

Phone: 435.797.7803
Email Address: