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Our corporate relations staff work with the alumni and employer community to develop meaningful career opportunities for our students.

Main Office

Tonya Davis

Tonya Davis, Employer Relations Director

Office Phone: 435.797.7803



Carmella Johns-Andruk

Carmella Johns-Andruk, Corporate Relations Specialist

Office Phone: 435.797.0679



Jon AmbroseJon Ambrose, Corporate Relations Specialist




Holly Fjeldsted

Holly Fjeldsted, Development Director

Cell Phone: 435.232.2546



Steve Larson

Steve Larson, External Relations Manager

Office Phone: 435.797.0210



Jill Ochsenbein

Jill Ochsenbein, Events Coordinator

Office Phone: 435.797.0239



Gina Stonehouse

Gina Stonehouse, External Relations Coordinator

Office Phone: 435.797.0825