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Information Technology Resources

Faculty and Staff, welcome to Huntsman School Fall Semester 2019 at USU. Please find resource links to helpful information, policies, and commonly asked questions below:

IT Support

Faculty and staff IT support is generally provided by the college IT staff:

Thomas James | | 435.797.2276

The campus helpdesk staff (797-4357) will provide limited support and will generally refer local issues back to the college IT staff by a service now request. The helpdesk will provide support if the problem is campus wide or a known central IT issue.

You can also request assistance by filling out a MyTech Service Request.

Internet Devices Registered

All devices connected to the USU network must be registered in order for them to work. Go to

2-Factor Authentication for all USU Employees

Access to important or personal information is handled by 2-factor authentication. Information for this service is at

Classroom Technology Support

Classroom support for technical issues is provided by the USU Helpdesk classroom technology team. They can be reached at 797-4357 (HELP). You can call them directly from the classroom and they will generally send someone right away.

Document cameras are not installed in all the classrooms in Huntsman Hall. Department have doc cameras for checkout if needed.

Faculty can receive Instructional Support from

Campus Software Store for USU Owned Computers

Various software vendors have agreements with this campus store. Reduced prices, state license agreements, or campus license agreements are available. Login with you’re A-number and banner password to browse the store at

Work at Home Software Benefits

Here is a link for software packages that are available to you. Instructions are on the web site. Login with your a-number and banner password.

USU Policies: