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Huntsman Faculty & Staff

The Jon M. Huntsman School of Business has a commitment to becoming one of the premier business schools in the western United States. These efforts have been supported by a significant infusion of financial resources from differential tuition and a growing donor base that have given the Huntsman School the flexibility to invest strategically and substantially in support of achieving its mission. Students, alumni and friends continue to embrace the changes the Huntsman School has adopted and its commitment to continued progress.

The results of the various initiatives are numerous and diverse. The School has seen increased student placement in high profile organizations and graduate programs, engagement with faculty on research and in service/community based learning, and successful participation in regional and national competitions. The volume, and in particular, quality of faculty scholarship has gone up as has the engagement of faculty in curriculum and program development. The faculty also continues to play significant leadership roles within the academy. Engagement with the business community has grown significantly both in terms of support of student programs and participation in School delivered professional development opportunities.   

Jon M. Huntsman HallTwo particular accomplishments epitomize the magnitude and impact of the School’s continued evolution, the opening in March 2016 of Huntsman Hall, and the announcement in May 2017, 10 years after his initial gift, of an additional $50 million gift from Jon M. and Karen Huntsman and the Charles Koch Foundation. Huntsman Hall, a 125,000 square feet, state of the art teaching facility, emphasizes the School’s commitment to students and to creating a world class learning environment that is representative of the School’s aspirations. The Huntsman/Koch gift is recognition of the progress the School has made and is intended to dramatically increase the size of the signature Huntsman Scholar Program and establish the Center for Growth and Opportunity, a research-oriented center affiliated with our Department of Economics and Finance. Both the gift and Huntsman Hall reflect the strides the School has made in the last decade and a culture of excellence that focuses on student success.

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