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Executive Master of Accounting

EMAcc StudentsThe Executive Master of Accounting (EMAcc) at the Huntsman School of Accountancy is a pioneering effort in which both the content and delivery are tailored to aspiring financial executives in need of a graduate degree in accounting. Similar to executive MBA programs, this EMAcc program will build upon participants’ experience in the business world by providing course content tailored to this group of individuals.

Why an EMAcc from the Huntsman School?

  • Learn from recognized experts at high levels of academia as well as the profession
  • Engage in a cohort group format which provides opportunities for networking
  • Study material that is tailored to the needs of financial executives
  • Participate in three separate 1 or 2 week face-to-face sessions in Park City and Logan, UT blended with high quality online learning
  • Earn 30 graduate credit hours and a master’s degree in accounting to assist you in becoming qualified for certification exams

Application Deadline

The EMAcc program is a cohort group style program that begins in June of each year. The application deadline is March 1st of the year you desire to begin the program (e.g. March 1, 2017 deadline to begin classes in June, 2017).