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Entrepreneurship Club

What Does the Club Do?

  • Teaches skill sets that entrepreneurs need to be successful
  • Provides access to resources, otherwise hard to find
  • Teaches how to develop and refine business ideas (recognizing the difference between ideas and opportunities)
  • Assists students in building, launching, and sustaining a successful company 

The Entrepreneurship Club meets Monday evenings at 5:00 pm in Huntsman Hall room 320. 

Why Join Entrepreneurship Club?

These are all great reasons to join the club:

  • Learn about what it means to be an entrepreneur
  • Have a potential business idea
  • Want to build a business in a team setting
  • Learn more about idea generation and development
  • Consult other students on their business start-up
  • Plan and execute club events and entrepreneurship week
  • Network with successful entrepreneurs and professionals 

Club Membership form will be available at the beginning of Fall 2021