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$100 Startup Challenge

The $100 Startup Competition is an opportunity for students to experience entrepreneurship through a three-week competition to build, grow, and validate a business opportunity starting with one hundred dollars.

Students apply through a simple survey answering questions about their team and business idea. 20 Teams will then be selected to participate. These teams will be given $100 VISA gift cards and 3 weeks to build a business that generates revenue. Teams are evaluated on team unity, networks/resources used, impact/customers reached, and sales.

The Center for Entrepreneurship hosts this competition to give a hands on approach to experience entrepreneurship and gain valuable insight.  It is our hope students will stretch their current abilities, resources, knowledge, and connections to build a business model.  We will then invest significantly in helping these students take their business model to the next level.  What will you build with $100?

Cash Prizes

1st Place: $1,500

2nd Place: $1,000

3rd Place: $500

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