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New Growing Your Business Program

The Center for Entrepreneurship in the Huntsman School of Business at Utah State University is excited to offer a new 14-week small business managerial program called “Growing Your Business.” Participants will learn to rethink, relaunch and revive their companies; improve their livelihoods; and create jobs for others in their communities.


Sixty small business owners and managers will have the $2,400 program fees covered by recent grant awarded to the Huntsman School of Business. The only expense to participants will be a $99 fee for the online text and learning materials.  

Program Schedule

This is a 14-week program that will begin on September 21st and end on December 18th.  Participants should expect to spend about 4 hours a week to complete the online learning modules, participate in group collaboration sessions, and complete a full business development plan.

Course Content

The Growing Your Business program covers the topics necessary to develop and scale any business. A strong pool of instructors, mentors, and consultants from the Huntsman School of Business will teach and mentor participants through the course. The training will be delivered through online modules, virtual collaboration groups, and personal mentoring from consultants. Participants can receive help with website development, social media, sales and marketing, and other functions.

  • Finding Your Purpose, Passion and Perseverance
  • Building a True Business Opportunity
  • Gaining Knowledge of Your Industry
  • Building Your Supporting Cast
  • Maximizing All of Your Resources
  • Developing Your Company Brand
  • Leveraging Low-Cost Marketing Strategies
  • Using Social Media to Your Advantage
  • Creating an Effective Integrated Marketing Strategy
  • Developing Your Funding Plan
  • Understanding Key Financial Ratios
  • Creating Your Financial Projections
  • Writing Your Full Business Plan
  • Establishing Goals and Success Activities 
  • Creating Your Execution Plan  
  • Building a Community or Raving Fans
  • Planning for Pivots and Diversification
  • Making Powerful Presentations

Participation Requirements

Participants in the USU Center for Entrepreneurship Growing Your Business program must be an owner or member of management in a business based in Utah that employs less than 500 employees and is seeking to grow their business within the state. If necessary, preference may be given to businesses with less than 100 employees.

Participants will be limited to up to 3 members of management and/or ownership per organization. Each participant will be required to apply separately and commits to completing the course by December 18, 2020. Participants should expect to spend about 4 hours a week on the course.

Tuition cost for the USU Center for Entrepreneurship Growing Your Business program will be directly covered by the Learn and Work in Utah funding (value, $2,400).  Each participant will purchase a digital textbook for the course at a nominal cost ($99). Space is limited to 60 participants.

Registration is currently full.  Please reach out to with questions.