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Entrepreneurship Minor

A minor in Entrepreneurship prepares all students to become entrepreneurial leaders. During the four-course program, students are equipped with the knowledge, resources, and networking opportunities to create innovative solutions, and learn the entrepreneurial process step by step.

Through a proven and effective curriculum developed over 15 years of research, students learn from successful entrepreneurs all over the world, while being taught by professors who have entrepreneurial experience.

The Minor Gives Students the Opportunity to:

  • learn how to start, launch, and manage a new business venture
  • learn how to develop and identify new product and service opportunities
  • develop valuable entrepreneurial leadership skill that will benefit any organization
  • be motivated by like-minded individuals
  • build your network with students in a variety of majors
  • enhance your perspective of business as a system

Flexibility with Program

Students have the opportunity to complete the minor however they wish, whether in class, online, or via broadcast. Any of the minor courses can be taken during Fall, Spring or online during Summer semesters.

The Curriculum

Below is a list of the courses and descriptions.

MSLE 3510 (3): New Venture Creation

Image 1An introduction to entrepreneurship, with a focus on identifying, analyzing and developing business opportunities.

Focuses on creating management plan for your new venture, including entity formation, intellectual property, building a team and creating a customer service system.

MSLE 3530 (3): New Venture Marketing

Image 3Teaches you how to develop and build the brand for your new enterprise. You will learn effective low-cost marketing strategies, social media and traditional media promotion.

MSLE 3540 (3): New Venture Financing

Image 4Learn how to evaluate resource requirements, mobilize non-financial resources, develop strategies for bootstrapping and explore options for funding with debt and equity.

MSLE 3580 (3): New Venture Execution

Image 5Teaches the development of a business plan, and that entrepreneurial planning is an ongoing process that is centered upon organizational mission, vision, values and goals. Students launch a venture in this entrepreneurship capstone course.

In Class Experience

During the first class you will identify a business opportunity to develop throughout the minor. You can also select an existing venture, or work as a consultant for a local company. At the end of the four courses you will know what it takes to launch, scale and grow a business venture.

Online Learning

The online portion includes a simple, yet powerful learning experience that facilitates practical application.

  • Watch short videos featuring successful entrepreneurs discussing keys to success
  • Take assessments to measure the strengths and weaknesses of your business opportunity and where more effort is needed
  • Complete workbooks which will help you develop the strategies you need to be successful