Strat Roper


  • Management

Strat Roper


MBA Utah State University
B.A. Operations Management. Utah State University
B.A. Business Administration. Utah State University 


Strat Roper is a native of Cache Valley and the oldest of four siblings who were raised on a family farm. Being raised on a dairy farm in Preston, Idaho, he was taught at an early age the benefits of responsibility and rewards of hard work. After graduating from Preston High School Strat attended Utah State University where he received Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Operations Management and Business Administration respectively. Over the last 25 years, he has enjoyed working in Corporate America as a Production Manager, Supply Chain Manager, Associate Director of Operations and Global Continuous Improvement, Director of Operations, and most recently as Plant Manager with a number of well-known and highly respected companies. As an educator Strat enjoys bringing the knowledge gained in business to those that will have an impact on the future.