Kathy McConkie

MBA Associate Director and Advisor

  • Marketing and Strategy
  • Master of Business Administration

Kathy McConkie


MS, Master of Science in Instructional Technology and Learning Sciences, Utah State University, 2011
BA, Liberal Arts and Sciences, Utah State University, 1993 Minor: Management and Human Resources


Employee of the Year - 2016
Professional Employee of the Year - 2010


Kathy McConkie is the Director of Operations and Advisor for the Jon M. Huntsman MBA program, with responsibility for ensuring a quality learning experience for the 200+ students in the one-year and professional MBA programs. She is responsible for all programmatic issues, including recruitment, admission, enrollment, advising, program development and delivery, international trip development and coordination, and graduation.

Prior to joining the Huntsman School of Business in December 2006, Kathy worked for Utah State in various positions: grant specialist in the Center for Integrated BioSystems, business officer for Academic and International Affairs, and staff assistant for Continuing Education. She has loved the 27+ years that she's been at USU but gratefully acknowledges the lessons learned prior to that in her jobs as a ranch hand, department store clerk, cake decorator, donut fryer, elementary school secretary, and bank teller. Kathy strongly believes that all work is honorable and that there are valuable lessons to be learned from the people with whom you work.

Kathy was recognized in 2010 and 2016 as the Professional Employee of the Year by the Jon M. Huntsman School of Business. She also received the USU Spring 2003 Professional Employee of the Quarter award and a Distinguished Service Award in February 2000 from the Biological and Irrigation Engineering Department. In 2008, Kathy started the Gratitude List in the Huntsman Programs and Advising Center, a weekly email that celebrated the things people are grateful for in their work and their lives. While working full-time at Utah State, Kathy graduated magna cum laude in 1993. She completed her master's degree in December 2011, also while working full-time.

Kathy serves on the Board of Directors for the LCpl Michael J. Allred Scholarship Foundation, which awards scholarships to less-advantaged USU students. She also serves as a member of Robert's and Nathan’s Quilts, a charity which makes and donates quilts in memory of her son, Robert, who passed away in 2009, and her disabled brother, Nathan, who passed away in 2015. Robert’s motto, "Service - there's no higher purpose," has become their family slogan. Kathy and her husband, Carl, have three sons and five beautiful granddaughters.