Scott Hammond

Clinical Professor

  • Management

Scott Hammond


Ph.D., Organizational Communication, University of Utah, 1997
M.S., Organizational Behavior, Brigham Young University, 1987
B.A., Political Science, Brigham Young University, 1984


Research Area(s)

Complex problem solving processes; lost person behavior; cross cultural management


Scott C. Hammond is a Professor of Practice in the Department of Management, with internationally known expertise in teams.  Scott’s groundbreaking work on highly reliable teams makes him a sought-after teacher, speaker, and consultant.  He has presented his research practical training throughout the US and Canada, and in the United Kingdom, Iceland, Romania, and other countries.

Much of Dr. Hammond’s current research is based on his experience with search and rescue.  He has studied and published in the field of lost person behavior (see references below), exploring the mindset of people who get lost in work, life, and the wilderness.  His current research is inspired by search and rescue teams who routinely face complex problems with high consequence of failure. 

Dr. Hammond is a member of the Utah County Sheriff’s Search and Rescue Team, a K-9 specialist, and a veteran of over 400 search and rescues.  He is the co-editor of the International Journal of Search and Rescue, as well as an editorial board member and reviewer for other journals.  He is also the producer and host of the Management Minute on KSL Radio, a daily management idea for leaders in organizations.  He has been quoted in “Fast Company, The Denver Post, Nerd Wallet,” and other publications, and has been interviewed by on the “Hugh Hewitt Show”, Utah Public Radio, Wyoming Public Radio, and many others.

Dr. Hammond has consultancies with the National Association for Search and Rescue (NASAR), Big D Construction, Boart Longyear, Amway, Johnson & Johnson, Ashley Regional Medical Center, The National Park Service, and many others.  He has worked for the Department of Defense in the National Security Study Group (2001).

In 2015, Dr. Hammond won the “Best Paper” award from the Journal of Management Inquiry.  In 2018, Dr. Hammond was awarded the USU Presidential Faculty Award for Community Engagement, highlighting his commitment to practical learning from a strong theoretical base.

“I have never had a day in my 30 plus years of teaching when I did not want to cheer the new pathways, the new ideas, and the old wisdom my students have discovered,” says Hammond. 


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