Amanda Hagman

Adjunct Faculty - Data Visualization

  • Data Analytics and Information Systems

Amanda Hagman

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BS, Biology, Utah State University, 2008
MS, Human Development, Utah State University, 2013
PhD, Psychology, Utah State University 2021


Dr. Amanda Hagman is a highly accomplished data scientist and educator, whose career spans the exciting realms of data analytis, statistical modeling, and storytelling to make meaning of data. As the Director of Data Science at Atana Inc, she has propelled the company with innovative, data-driven solutions and products. Beyond her professional contributions, Dr. Hagman shares her wealth of knowledge as an adjunct instructor within the Data Analytics and Information Systems Department.

Quote Amanda Hagman! She teaches Data 3400, and has had lots of impact in my short time getting to know her in class. She gave me lots of tips in situations outside of class and In class. I’m very grateful for the opportunities she has presented me!