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Cassidy Creech

Cassidy Creech


  • Marketing and Strategy Department

Contact Information

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Eccles Business Building, 318M
DailPhone: 435.797.3891

Educational Background

PhD, Business Administration, Oklahoma State University, 2021
MBA, Utah State University, 2014
BA, Finance, Utah State University, 2013


Cassidy Creech has been with Utah State University since 2018 where he has served as an adjunct professor before becoming a lecturer. He will receive his Ph.D. in business administration from Oklahoma State University in 2021, and previously earned both his BA in Finance and MBA from Utah State University. His areas of specialization are marketing, digital strategy, family business, entrepreneurship, and international management.

Professor Creech has started and continues grow several successful businesses, in addition to providing strategic consulting to countless other large and small businesses. While maintaining executive positions in several organizations, he also performs research in the areas of entrepreneurship, leadership, family business, and marketing.
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