Liz Allred

Program Director, Global Learning

  • Global Learning Experiences

Liz Allred


BA, History, Brigham Young University


Ethical Leadership Award - 2023


Liz Allred serves as the Program Director, Global Learning in the Huntsman School. As such, she manages the international program offerings sponsored by the school. Currently, Huntsman programs take more than 300 business students each year to almost 20 countries. During the programs, students visit with business executives and leaders in government and international organizations. These visits allow students to develop a solid, foundational understanding of the global business environment.

Previous work experience includes many years working as an Assistant Director of Federal Relations in a higher education association in Washington, DC. During that period, Liz advocated for international development and agricultural research and education programs at the nation’s land-grant colleges and universities. Fluent in French, Liz periodically teaches French as an adjunct lecturer in the Department of Languages, Philosophy, and Speech Communication here at Utah State. It’s obvious that Liz loves to travel but she also loves reading literature and biographies, foreign films, and staying current in national and global affairs (a byproduct of spending most of her growing up years in Libya).