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Applications for admission to graduate programs are handled by the School of Graduate Studies.

For program specific deadlines, requirements and applications, visit the following program pages:

On-Campus Programs

Part-Time Programs

Online Programs

After all official paperwork has been submitted and processed by the USU School of Graduate Studies, the application will be delivered to the respective department committee for the official application decision. You will receive an email with the decision within 10 working days.
MAcc, MDATA, MHR, MMIS, MSE, and MSFE: Although work experience will strengthen your admissions chances, work experience is not a requirement for the various graduate programs in the Huntsman School of Business.
MBA: In order to help students apply theory with the real world, full-time work experience is required for this program.


All graduate advising contact information can be found on the contact page.


For all USU School of Graduate Studies finances and support information, please visit their page.

The Huntsman School of Business does offer a number of tuition waivers to qualified applicants. For more information visit the tuition waivers page.

For all USU School of Graduate Studies finances and support information, please visit their page.


The purpose of the Jon M. Huntsman School of Business is to be a career accelerator for our students and an engine of growth for our communities, the state, the nation and the world. Our education is focused around our four pillars: Global Vision, Analytical Rigor, Entrepreneurial Spirit and Ethical Leadership.

With seven undergraduate degrees and six graduate degrees, Huntsman students have a variety of educational options within the field of business to study. The global vision of Huntsman students is expanded through the Study Abroad program which sends students 20 countries, annually. The Huntsman School also sees its students intern in more than 15 countries every year.

For more information on the Huntsman School of Business, visit our About Us page.

There are three options for the Dual Degree at the Huntsman School of Business: