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This degree program is designed for students seeking a foundation in general management as well as in depth knowledge of technologies used to leverage data to support organization decision making.

The MBA program includes course work in accounting, enterprise growth and development, finance, information systems, marketing, management, and operations. Course work in the MMIS program will give students solid analytical and technology foundations in areas including database management, analytics, and data visualization.

MMIS First Degree - Year One

Fall Spring
MMIS Courses MMIS Courses
Management of Database Systems Strategy
Web-based Data Programming (Python) IS Development & Project Management
Security & IT Infrastructure MIS Elective
MIS Elective MIS Elective
MIS Elective MIS Elective
15 Total Credits 15 Total Credits


MBA Second Degree - Year Two**

Fall Spring
MBA Core Courses MBA Core Courses
Business Fundamentals Solving Financial Problems
Advanced Strategy Strategic Supply Chain Management
Accounting for Managerial Decision Making Managing Individuals and Groups
Leadership Development  
ST: Marketing Research  
ST: Marketing Analytics  
Global Strategic Thinking  
MBA Specialization Options (Choose 1 Specialization)
Value Creation
  ST: Sales and Professional Presentations
  Enterprise Creation
  Enterprise Growth and Management
General MBA
6 credits of elective course work, see MBA Advisor.
18 Total Credits ** 18 Total Credits**

** Up to 6 credit hours of the MBA core will be waived based upon individual student background.

Global Learning Experience

Students will complete an international trip during the first week of December of year two with the MBA program.