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This unique degree program is designed for students seeking to combine in-depth expertise in managing human resources (MHR) with the knowledge and skills of technologies used to understand performance, enhance retention, and improve operational performance (MMIS).

The MHR program provides students with in-depth training in the management of people in organizations. Coursework includes talent acquisition and retention, labor/employee relations, compensation and benefits, and training and organizational development. Equally important is the technological side. Technology is working its way into multiple aspects of today’s business jobs, and employees with solid analytical and technology foundations are critical in the dynamically changing market. According to an article in Forbes in 2014, the competitive landscape requires the ability of managers to turn data into actionable intelligence in real time, using Big Data-related analytical tools.


MHR First Degree - Year One

Fall Spring Summer
MHR Courses

MHR Courses

MHR Courses
Managing Projects Training & Organization Internship
Applied HR Research Total Rewards & Employee Performance  
Talent Acquisition and Retention Leadership and Operational Excellence  
Team & Interpersonal Effectiveness Negotiation and Mediation  
Labor & Employee Relations Employment Law  
Global Strategic Thinking* Global Strategic Thinking*  
13.5 Total Credits 14.5 Total Credits 3 Total Credits

Global Learning Experience

*Students will complete an international trip during spring break of year one with the MHR program.

MMIS Second Degree - Year Two

Fall Spring
MHR Courses MHR Courses
Human Resource Analytics  
Human Resource Policy & Strategy  
MMIS Courses MMIS Courses
Management of Database Systems Strategy
Web-based Data Programming (Python) IS Development & Project Management
Security & IT Infrastructure MIS Elective
MIS Elective MIS Elective
  MIS Elective
18 Total Credits
(6 MHR Credits &
12 MMIS Credits)
15 Total Credits