This degree program is designed for students seeking a foundation in general management as well as in depth knowledge of technologies used to leverage data to support organization decision making. The MBA program includes course work in accounting, enterprise growth and development, finance, information systems, marketing, management, and operations. Course work in the MMIS program will give students solid foundations in the information systems management and data analytics areas.

Year 1 - MMIS Degree

Fall Courses (15 Credits)

  • Management of Database Systems
  • Web-based Data Programming (Python)
  • Security & IT Infrastructure
  • MIS Elective
  • MIS Elective

Spring Courses (15 Credits)

  • Strategy
  • IS Development & Project Management
  • MIS Elective
  • MIS Elective
  • MIS Elective

Year 2 - MBA Degree*

Students interested in a concurrent MBA need to contact the MBA office at (435) 797-3624 at the end of the first semester of their first graduate program. The MBA office will meet with interested students to create a customized schedule from the following list of classes. Six credits will be waived from the 36-credit MBA program of study.

MBA Core Courses (18 Credits*)

  • Advanced Strategy
  • Accounting for Managerial Decision Making
  • Solving Financial Problems
  • Enterprise Branding and Marketing
  • Supply Chain Management

MBA Electives (18 Credits*)

(Please choose 5 classes)

  • Executive Influence
  • Innovative and Inclusive Leadership
  • Leadership Development
  • Strategic Sales Management
  • Global Strategic Thinking
  • Enterprise Creation

Leadership Specialization (Must have all 3)**

  • Executive Influence
  • Innovative and Inclusive Leadership
  • Leadership Development

Shingo Specialization (Must have all 3 and an additional $9000 in course fees)**

  • Shingo Workshops
  • Shingo Project
  • Shingo Global Strategic Thinking

To see a brief description of each course, please visit MBA curriculum.

**Up to 6 credit hours of the MBA core will be waived based upon individual student background.