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China Cooperative Academic Programs

Welcome to the Jon M. Huntsman School of Business at Utah State University. The mission of our China program is to provide students with a rigorous understanding of economic and finance literacy, develop future leaders in business, and promote global vision by expanding Utah State University’s educational opportunities across international borders.

Chinese StudentsReinventing International Studies

Currently the Department of Economics and Finance has approximately 900 Chinese students working on a USU economics degree (International Economics and Trade Emphasis and Managerial Economics Emphasis) at three separate academic institutions. Three programs are located in mainland China: Beijing Institute of Technology, Northeast Dianli University in Jilin City and Northwest University for Nationalities in Lanzhou. 

Growing Interest

Because of continued interest from our Chinese students and partner institutions, the degree focuses on fundamental micro and macroeconomics training, managerial and leadership skills, and enhancing student’s competency in navigating the global economy through focused training in the areas of international economics and trade. Throughout the program of study, students are exposed to specialized training in various fields of business to provide a greater understanding of economics and business in a global environment.

Professor Dwight IsraelsenFace-to-Face Interaction

Courses are primarily delivered using a “face-to-face” lead professor/local instructor model. USU professors are assigned as lead professors and are responsible for course content and instructional pedagogy. Class format and content are organized and disseminated to students through local instructors who are affiliated with partner institutions. Local instructors are responsible for learning facilitation through on-site face-to-face delivery of course content. This delivery model enhances the breadth of academic engagement between lead professors and local instructors and meets the Chinese Ministry of Education requirement that the primary model of instruction be through face-to-face contact between students and instructors. The language of instruction for all courses is English.

Travel Opportunities

Many Chinese students in this program transfer to Logan and add vitality to the USU Logan campus. Further, this program continues to provide the opportunity for Chinese visiting scholars to spend time in Logan and for USU faculty to visit and teach in China.