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Past Career Readiness Opportunities

Career readiness is the attainment and demonstration of requisite competencies that broadly prepare college graduates for a successful transition into the workplace. The Career Readiness Series will prepare the student in developing key essential competencies as identified by the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE).

Spring 2019

Career Readiness Series: Career Management

Description:Career Readiness Series: Career Management - Gain insight from a successful panel of upperclassmen on resources to set and prepare for career goals and articulate strengths for desired positions. Learn how to navigate career exploration and application processes.




Career Readiness Series: Global & Cultural Fluency

Description:Career Readiness Series: Global & Cultural Fluency - Team Competition






Career Readiness Series: Digitial Technology

Description:Career Readiness Series: Digital Technology - Travis Cox, Director of eCommerce for ICON Health & Fitness will show students how to use digital resources to solve problems, complete tasks and accomplish goals through new and emerging technologies.




Career Readiness Series: Leadership

Description:Career Readiness Series: Leadership - Dave Jenkins, CEO of Conservice, will mentor students on how to leverage others’ strengths to achieve common goals.





Career Readiness Series: Oral/Written Communication

Description:Career Readiness Series: Oral/Written Communication - Blake Nemelka, Assistant Director of the Huntsman Scholars Program, will deepen your understanding of the importance of being able to express ideas clearly and effectively through spoken or written means.



Career Readiness Series: Professional/Work Ethic

Description:Career Readiness Series: Professional/Work Ethic - Successful 2018 Summer Interns will identify effective habits and behaviors that allowed them to secure full-time offers on an interactive panel.




Career Readiness Series: Teamwork/Collaboration

Description:Career Readiness Series: Teamwork/Collaboration - In what Deloitte is calling a "retail renaissance", the most successful companies are those that combine physical and digital offerings into one experience that meets consumer needs. The advent of tech-focused physical stores requires strong teams and significant collaboration. Participate in an interactive case study to learn how to better work within a team structure to meet consumer needs and stay ahead of the game in emerging industries.


Career Readiness Series: Critical Thinking/Problem Solving

Description:Career Readiness Series: Critical Thinking/Problem Solving - David Butterfield, President of the USU Credit Union, will help students discover ways to analyze issues, make decisions and overcome problems in original or inventive methods.




Spring 2018

Career Readiness: Digital Technology

Description: Technology is advancing so rapidly that most careers or jobs that today’s college grads end up in may not even exist today, or they will look vastly different than they do right now. Learn strategies for staying marketable and successfully managing your career in a rapidly changing innovation and platform-driven, global economy.

Presented by:Barbara Thompson, Career Specialist, Jon M. Huntsman School of Business


Career Readiness: Teamwork/Collaboration

Description: Activities and information on how to build relationships, work within a team structure, and negotiate or manage conflict.

Presented by: Christopher Fawson, Executive Director of Partners in Business and Professor, Jon M. Huntsman School of Business




Career Readiness: Critical Thinking/Problem Solving

Description: A published author and sales professional will provide ideas which will enhance your ability to analyze issues, make decisions, overcome problems and acquire knowledge.

Presented by: Scott Baird, published author and sales professional




Career Readiness: Career Management

Description: An industry professional will share insights on how you should best identify and articulate skills, strengths, knowledge and experience to gain career success.

Presented by: Lokana Reed, Lead Executive Recruiter, Target





Career Readiness: Oral/Written Communication

Description: An industry professional will cover the art of delivering a professional presentation.






Career Readiness: Professionalism/Work Ethic

Description: A student panel of successful 2017 Summer interns will discuss their experience in corporate America and the expectations they encountered.

Presented by: Student panel comprised of 2017 summer interns





Career Readiness: Global Fluency (New)

Description: Interactive competition involving ability to learn, understand, and value global factors influencing business. PRIZES WILL BE AWARDED!





Career Readiness: Leadership

Description: Learn to leverage the strengths of others to achieve common goals and the interpersonal skills to coach or develop others.

Presented by: Anne Wallin, Netflix and Heather Fawson, Research Now/SSI

Spring 2017

Career Readiness: Information Technology Application

Description: Broad overview of technological platforms necessary
for career success.

Presented by: Johnson Mak, MIS Department Staff Member & Lokana Reed, Target

See the IT Application Slides Here


Career Readiness: Professionalism/Work Ethic

Description: Experiences and expectations encountered during internships.

Presented by: Student panel comprised of 2016 summer interns

See the Professionalism/Work Ethic Slides Here



Career Readiness: Teamwork/Collaboration

Description: Relationship building techniques, team structure work environment, and manage/negotiate conflicts.

Presented by: Chris Hartwell

See the Teamwork/Collaboration Slides Here



Career Readiness: Critical Thinking/Problem Solving

Description: Learn to analyze and make business decisions through proper judgement, knowledge, and data while demonstrating originality and inventiveness.

Presented by: Chris Fawson

See the Critical Thinking/Problem Solving Slides Here



Career Readiness: Leadership

Description: Presentation provided students with activities and information on leveraging others' strengths to achieve common goals, as well as the ability to assess and manage emotions or use empathy to guide, motivate, organize, prioritize and delegate work.

Presented by: Bret Crane, Julena Bonner, and Alex Romney

See the Leadership Slides Here


Career Readiness: Oral/Written Communication

Description: Articulate thoughts and ideas clearly and effectively in written   and oral forms to persons inside and outside of the organization.

See the Oral/Written Communication Slides Here




Career Readiness: Career Management

Description: Identify and articulate skills, strengths, knowledge, and experiences relevant to the desired position. Identify areas of
potential growth. The student is able to explore and navigate job
options and can take steps necessary to pursue those opportunities.

Presented by: Maren Stromberg

See the Career Management Slides Here