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Introduction to MGT Careers (MGT 1000)

Top 5 Reasons to Take This Course

  1. Get a Strong Head Start on Your Career Success!
    • An increasing number of employers strongly encourage students to start becoming career-ready as freshmen and sophomores because many companies recruit for junior-level interns a year in advance and want you to already have solid, relevant work experience or an introductory internship as a sophomore.
  2. Get Credit for Carving Out Your Career Path While:
    • Learning cutting-edge career trends and strategies from hiring professionals
    • Discovering your ‘super powers’ and the companies/industries where they might fit well
    • Formulating and starting an initial career plan for developing your ‘competitive advantage’
    • Leveraging Huntsman School career marketability resources for presenting yourself successfully to potential employers via resumes, cover letters, digital profiles, interviewing, networking, internships, etc.
  3. Become Internship-Ready by Your Sophomore Year
    • In this class you will learn and practice fundamentals for making effective career decisions, job searching, and presenting yourself successfully to potential employers via resumes, cover letters, thank you notes, interviewing, networking, and creating a compelling digital profile. All of these things will help you stand out to employers as you seek introductory internships and work experiences as a freshman, sophomore, and beyond.
  4. Build Your Career Network the Easy Way
    • Many college students are intimidated at the thought of reaching out to professionals and, consequently, put it off until it’s almost too late. In this course you will learn the concept of “network intelligence” (Reid Hoffman), as well as natural, comfortable, professional ways to cultivate “mutually beneficial relationships before you need them” (Mary Abbajay).
  5. Increase Your Chances of Making a Higher Post-Grad Starting Salary
    • College students who start early to develop their hard and soft-skill sets and abilities to present themselves successfully to potential employers are more likely to get higher paying internships and start at a higher post-graduation salary. The higher you get paid for your internship and post-grad job, the more likely you are to make higher and higher salaries with every future job.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do I have to know what career I want before I take this course?

No. Whether you have no idea what you want to do, just realized you want to change directions, or need help pursuing a path you know you want, this course is designed to help you determine and navigate your next steps to success.

2. Can any HSB major take the course?

Yes. Although the course is being piloted to meet career needs of freshmen and sophomores in the Management department, it is customizable enough to benefit any HSB major from any year in school.

Note to International Business Students: Professor Nathan Washburn is currently offering a non-credit, optional careers course (via Canvas) geared specifically toward International Business students. He will email IB students after the semester starts and invite them to a meeting that will explain the details.

3. Will this class be redundant to what I learn in other HSB courses about careers?

No. Presenting yourself successfully to top employers via networking events, interviewing, resumes, cover letters, digital profiles, etc. requires repeated practice over an extended period. So, the more chances you seize to improve in these areas the more marketable you will be.

Successful completion of the MGT 1000 course gives you a strong foundation for successfully obtaining an introductory internship or other professionally relevant positions. These skills will also prepare you to successfully complete high-level resume, cover letter, LinkedIn profile, etc. assignments in other HSB courses you may take and be more prepared for career opportunities that may come your way.

4. Do I have to pay differential tuition with this course?

Differential tuition for this one-credit, lower-division course is $2.03

MGT 1000 Course Outline


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