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A Conversation on the Impact of COVID-19 on Utah Women and Work

Panel Discussion/Presentation

The Utah Women & Leadership Project invites you to join us for our first Fall Women’s Leadership Forum.

The COVID-19 pandemic of 2020–2021 has impacted all Utahns in profound ways. Yet, a host of national and global reports have argued that women’s employment and careers have been disproportionately impacted during this time. To better understand Utah women’s experiences specifically, UWLP researchers conducted an extensive, in-depth survey focusing on the impacts of COVID-19 on women and work. This comprehensive study included the collection of data on a wide variety of topic areas and included both quantitative and open-ended questions to capture participants’ perceptions and experiences. Over 3,500 Utah women responded to the survey. Study researchers will discuss the findings from this research, particularly focusing on burnout, hope, career advancement challenges, childcare, homeschooling, caregiver experiences, physical and mental health struggles, and more. Come, listen, and learn from this important conversation!

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12:00 pm - 1:15 pm | Online/Virtual |

2021 Utah Women's Organizations Network (UWON) Gathering (invitation only)


This event is by invitation only for leaders of a women’s network, group, or organization in Utah and is co-hosted by the Utah Women & Leadership Project and One Utah Roadmap (Utah Governor’s Office).

The Younique Foundation will be sponsoring the 2021 UWON gathering (5th year), and it will be held on Friday, September 17, 2021 (11:30am-2:00pm) at their location near Thanksgiving Point in Lehi. We welcome one representative from each group to attend.

We will begin by serving lunch and then will do welcomes, introductions, and quick updates of new resources available for your groups. We’ll then share information slides about each of the groups in attendance, while introducing the representatives from each group, so we can recognize each other. We’ll then split up into 7-9 groups to wrestle through some critical questions that will help both your networks, the UWLP, and the state of Utah in efforts moving forward. Finally, we’ll meet back together to debrief the smaller discussion sessions and discuss next steps.

Contact uwlp@usu.edu with questions.

11:30 am - 2:00 pm |

A Fireside Chat with Lt. Governor Deidre Henderson on Women and Leadership

Panel Discussion/Presentation

The Utah Women & Leadership Project invites you to join us for our second Fall Women’s Leadership Forum.

Deidre M. Henderson, Utah’s ninth Lieutenant Governor, is well-recognized in Utah for her political leadership for eight years in the Utah State Senate. She gained a reputation as a strong conservative, a champion for government transparency, and a vocal advocate for women and families. In this engaging fireside chat, she will respond to questions about her own leadership development journey and provide her insights and perspectives on why, where, and how women today are needed to influence, impact, and lead in all settings. Come, listen, and learn from this important conversation! This event is open to all girls/women and those who influence them (this includes men too).

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12:00 pm - 1:15 pm |

How Women Rise

Panel Discussion/Presentation

Women’s distinctive strengths and behaviors provide them with many advantages. Yet the very habits that help them early in their careers can hold them back as they seek to rise. In this virtual seminar, Sally Helgesen draws on her work with legendary executive coach Marshall Goldsmith to help women identify and address the habits most likely to get in their way as they seek to move to a higher level. Using vivid real-life examples that resonate and inspire, Sally helps participants:

- Identify how specific habits may hinder them as they move to a higher level.
- Initiate simple behavioral changes that can smooth their path going forward.
- Hold themselves accountable for changes that can benefit them and their organizations.
- Become a more powerful resource for other women seeking to rise.

Participants will come away from this forum with an enhanced understanding of their individual strengths, an actionable template for identifying and addressing challenges going forward, a proven means for enlisting support, and tools for enhancing their visibility and connections.

Registration required to attend.

12:00 pm - 1:15 pm | Online/Virtual |



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