The Buehler Leadership Scholar Program is a select group of intellectually curious students who are interested in discovering new paths to understanding foundational principles of leadership. Any student who has a major or minor in the Jon M. Huntsman School of Business is encouraged to apply. The Buehler Leadership Scholar Program is competitive and selects only the most promising candidates - usually eight students are selected each semester.

Buehler Leadership Scholars will meet nine times over the course of the semester—it is expected that all Buehler Leadership Scholars will be in attendance at each gathering. The agenda of these discussions is to engage the ideas in the selected books. Each Buehler Leadership Scholar will receive a stipend of $500 and copies of all the selected books.

Please apply to become a Buehler Leadership Scholar if:

  • You are intellectually curious.
  • You are a mature scholar who embraces the opportunity to read, think, and talk.
  • You are committed to contributing to each discussion.
  • You have time to devote to a challenging set of readings.
  • You are a person who enjoys discussing ideas.
  • You are willing to put your ideas before a group for a passionate discussion and dissection.
  • You have a deep personal interest in principles of leadership that undergird a commitment to live a life of purpose, fulfillment and meaning.

Finalists are chosen based on their application materials. Those chosen as finalists undergo a final selection interview with Professor Chris Fawson. Applicants may be asked for references or additional materials. Application deadline for Spring 2016 is Friday, October 30, 2015 at 5:00 pm.

In addition to attending Buehler Leadership Scholar Program meetings, each Scholar will be required to write a short statement (250-300 words) prior to the Scholar gathering as a way to seed the Scholar conversation. Toward the end of the semester, Scholars are expected to collaborate in the production of a stewardship report that summarizes the individual and collective Scholar experience with the selected readings.


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