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Huntsman School Assessment

The Jon M. Huntsman School of Business at Utah State University is committed to continuous improvement of its curriculum, providing value-added services to students that emphasizes career and professional development, and cultivating strong relationships with industry and alumni. A variety of activities are conducted annually to measure the level of success we achieve at accomplishing our mission.

We measure data from students, employers, and recruiters to ensure that we are preparing students for successful careers and to make meaningful contributions to their communities. The school has well–defined learning goals and objectives. Each of these is mapped to specific courses within program curricula. Our success in meeting these objectives is regularly assessed through course embedded assessment. Routine feedback from industry experts, advisory boards, and employers are used to evaluate students' career preparedness.

Outcomes data is reviewed by school leadership and faculty committees at the school and department levels. When outcome data suggests an opportunity for improvement, the school takes specific action and documents these data-based decisions.

We welcome suggestions for improvement and are always interested in feedback from our alumni, friends, employers, and students.  For more details email