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David R. Fuller

David Fuller

Title: Strategic Consulting Director

Company: Interactive Intelligence, Inc.

Location: North Logan, UT


From 2005 to present, David has headed up Interactive Intelligence’s (ININ) strategic consulting group, which focuses on business consulting to ININ’s current and prospective customers.

From 1999 to January 2005, David served as senior product marketing director for ININ with product marketing and management responsibility for ININ’s products as they relate to the global contact center and IP telephony market segments. This has included product management and marketing of CIC, Interaction Recorder, Interaction Dialer, Interaction Director and e-FAQ products. David also has been the primary company spokesperson on call center, telecommunications and e-business/Internet-related topics for media opportunities, industry, and equity analyst briefings, industry conferences/trade shows and key customer account meetings. David also has evaluated many companies and technologies for business fit/partnership with ININ’s call center and enterprise telephony solutions. Additionally, David has been the intellectual property liaison with ININ’s intellectual property law firm and is a named inventor on three patent applications related to innovative communications methodologies.

Prior to ININ, David worked for Seagate Technology as senior manager, products, systems, and knowledge engineering where he was responsible for Seagate’s voice, FAX, email and web communications products, systems and related content for Seagate’s worldwide Customer Service Organization (CSO). This included responsibility for setting Seagate’s product technical support and customer access strategy across phone, fax, e-mail and web contact channels and management of product support content on David led a team which successfully transitioned technical support customers to rely on Web content over phone and fax self-service delivery systems—with over a 25% reduction in telecommunications costs and with no additional development or support staff required. Additionally, David led ISO 9000 building certification for Seagate’s technical support department.

Prior to Seagate, David helped Safety Kleen (formerly Laidlaw Environmental Services, Inc.) and USPCI (a subsidiary of Union Pacific Corporation) in progressively responsible duties as systems engineer, IT project manager, network systems manager and IT operations manager. David had IT network and field service & support responsibility for Laidlaw's 75 North American locations, which included over 3,500 PCs and their file and applications servers, representing over 90% of Laidlaw's computer resources and 95% of Laidlaw's revenue-producing locations (1996 combined est. revenue of US$800 million). David was responsible for specifying combined voice/data circuit configurations at these facilities and specifying related PBX/voicemail configurations and managed a team of over 30 computer professionals and contractors.

At USPCI, David oversaw IT support at USPCI's nine industrial and hazardous waste management facilities representing 60% of USPCI's computer resources and 80% of USPCI's revenue-producing locations (1994 est. revenue of US$275 million). David personally installed the company’s first local area network which became the Union Pacific corporate standard one year later. David also led an extensive redesign effort to upgrade facility waste management applications at USPCI's hazardous waste facilities. The ultimate result of this project, known as FIMS, was regarded at the time as the industry’s most comprehensive information system to manage hazardous waste landfill operations.