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Phillip Chipping

Phillip Chipping

Title: Founder

Company: ZAGG, Chipping Mckenna, & Knowonder!

Educational Background

Phillip has studied both graphic design and marketing in formal education, but does not yet have any degrees. Instead, he has learned in the school of hard knocks. He is a big supporter of formal education because hard knocks tend to hurt. A lot. He is an avid student and practitioner of the Lean Startup methodology.

Huntsman School Interactions:

Member of The Center for Entrepreneurial Excellence Founder's Board - Present


Phillip is the inventor of the invisibleSHIELD and founder of ZAGG, a publicly traded company on the NASDAQ. He has consulted hundreds of businesses but has a special interest in entrepreneurs and early-stage business start-ups. Phillip is passionate about disruptive innovations, product development, channel marketing, online marketing, business strategy, and start-up funding. His deep business development experience and a broad network of connections add tremendous value, especially to early-stage companies. He even helps companies raise the money they need to get off the ground!

Phillip is a founding partner of Chipping McKenna, a firm that specializes in product design, development, manufacturing, and launch. He is the founder of Knowonder!, a business that promotes literacy development and awareness. Phillip is also on the advisory board of multiple early-stage companies.