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Gary Anderson

Gary Anderson

Title: Partner and Owner

Company: Cornerstone Nutritional Labs, LLC

Location: Farmington, Utah

Educational Background:

BS, Accounting, Utah State University, 1978

Huntsman School Interactions:

National Advisory Board Member 2012-
The Center for Entrepreneurial Excellence Founder's Board
Professional Achievement Award Recipient - 2003


Gary Anderson was born in Brigham City, Utah, to DeLonne and Margaret Anderson. He graduated from Box Elder High School and received his bachelor's degree in accounting from Utah State University. He is married to Debby Phillips Anderson.

After graduating from USU in 1978, Mr. Anderson went into marketing working for the Pillsbury Company out of Salt Lake City and Denver. He worked as a territory and regional sales manager for many years. He then went to work as an account executive for Scope Marketing and Sales, a regional food broker located in Salt Lake City. His primary responsibilities included working with marketing and merchandising directors from Smith’s and Albertson’s and independent grocery warehouses like Associated Foods and Fleming for new product development and schematic design. With connections in the grocery business, Mr. Anderson was asked in 1992 to become involved part-time with a promising new product that was about to be launched, Stephen’s Gourmet Sipping Hot Cocoa. Part-time quickly became full-time and in September 1992 Mr. Anderson became president of Excellent Foods, Inc., a marketing company with the purpose of getting this remarkable cocoa into the market. It only took four years for Stephen’s to go, literally, from the basement to the number one cocoa in the intermountain region, a position it still maintains. In September of 1993, Excellent Foods purchased Excel Blending and Packaging, the powder facility where Stephen’s was manufactured. Excel’s customers were those who needed powder nutritional products developed and manufactured. Excellent Foods went from five employees to 60 and from sales of $280,000 to $3,000,000. Through aggressive yet careful planning, Excellent Foods, Inc. grew to over $20,000,000 by 1998.

In 1999 Excellent Foods, Inc. merged with Modern Health Strategies to create Cornerstone Nutritional Labs, LLC located in Farmington. Modern Health’s expertise was in encapsulation and tabulating and with Excellent Foods powder capabilities, they could offer customers a full range of products. Mr. Anderson sold C.N. Labs in 2004 and Stephen’s Gourmet Kitchens in 2005.

Mr. Anderson has extensive knowledge of retail management, new product development, and marketing. He also has significant experience in human resource management and compensation/benefits design. He recently served on the advisory board of Altius Health Care. He has been involved with SHRM and the American Marketing Association. He is also the managing partner for Cheever Capital, a venture capital group. His latest business adventure is selling gourmet coffee bars in Wal-Mart, currently being sold in Texas and California.