Road Map to Graduation

The Road Map to Graduation and Student Success will help the student navigate beyond academics through the four years of undergraduate school at the Huntsman School of Business. Follow the timeline below or view the Road Map PDF.


Freshman Year

  • Attend Orientation, Career Workshops, and Focused Fridays
  • Meet with advisor to discuss road map
  • Create an academic plan towards graduation
  • Meet with career specialist and initiate a Career Action Plan (CAP)
  • Connect with Jon M Huntsman School of Business through Social Media (i.e. Instagram or Facebook)
  • Create a resume, LinkedIn profile, and AGGIE | Handshake profile
  • Join a club or professional organization
  • Explore global or career learning experiences
  • Enroll for and complete BUS 1000 (Business by Design)
  • Complete the Huntsman Experience Canvas course
  • Join Dare Mighty Career Canvas course for your major

Sophomore Year

  • Consult with advisors on long-term educational goals
  • Engage in Focused Fridays events
  • Meet with a career specialist to update your CAP, set career goals, and develop a job and internship search strategy
  • Stay active in clubs and/or professional organizations
  • Expand network to include faculty members and employers
  • Participate in a career exploration trip, summer study abroad, internship or service opportunity
  • Participate in Dare Mighty Careers activities to elevate professional skills and career readiness

Junior Year

  • Review leadership, internship, and career opportunities with your career specialist
  • Gain leadership experience in clubs and professional organizations
  • Elevate your skills in tailoring your resume by meeting with a career specialist
  • Prepare for life after Huntsman
    • Utilize Focused Fridays to connect with and learn from business professionals and alumni
    • Participate in Huntsman Career Expo & Mock Interview day
    • Continue to expand and maintain professional network
    • Find a professional mentor
    • Research graduate schools and prepare for the GMAT/GRE/MAT
    • Practice sharing your pitch at networking events

Senior Year

  • Apply for jobs and/or graduate school
    • Tailor resume/cover letter to specific opportunities
    • Participate in interview workshop, evaluate and improve skills
    • Research companies and salaries to formulate a job offer negotiation strategy
  • Utilize professional network for career opportunities
  • Request letters of recommendation or permission for reference use
  • Continue leadership/participation in clubs and professional organizations
    • Be a mentor
    • Gain insights from Focused Fridays
  • Follow graduation plan as outlined on graduation application
  • Accept job offer and complete graduation survey

Post Graduation

  • Stay connected with the Huntsman School and USU
  • Continue to utilize your professional network
  • Report success
  • Pay it forward
  • Take advantage of social media