Technical Sales Management Minor

The technical sales management minor was developed in response to employers seeking students who have both technical and professional selling skills. The minor provides trainings and professional certifications in strategic selling, sales technology, and negotiations.

Minor Requirements (12 Credits)

Starting Fall 2020 an overall GPA of 2.0 is required for enrollment in this business minor. A student from outside the Huntsman School who desires to pursue any business minor must recognize that there may be prerequisites to required minor courses and that a GPA of 2.5 must be obtained in minor courses in order for the minor to be awarded at graduation.

Course # Course Name Credits
MGT 4600 Negotiations 2
*MSLE 3500 Fundamentals of Marketing 3
*MSLE 3510 New Venture Creation 3
*MSLE 4560 Strategic Sales 2
Choose one from the following courses:
*MSLE 2900 ProSales - can be repeated for two credits - if you choose this option you will need to take it twice 1
*MSLE 4565 Sales Management 2
*Select MSLE 2900, 3500, 3510, 4555, 4560, and 4565 courses were MGT 2900, 3500, 3510, 4555, 4560, and 4565 prior to Spring 2019. Students who completed courses under the MGT course prefix will receive credit for the courses.

Academic Advising

Dawnetta Mahnken

Dawnetta Mahnken

Technical Sales Advisor (Logan Campus)
EBB 309

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Statewide Campus Advising

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Statewide Campus Advisors

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  • Logan Main Campus
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  • Snow College Campus: The Huntsman School of Business and Snow College have partnered to offer the Huntsman School Technical Sales Management Minor at the Snow College Campus. Learn more about this opportunity.